Are you a fundraiser? 

If you are responsible for generating and raising funds for your charity or association there is nothing better than creating a personalised calendar which will help raise your profile and ensure that you gain the support from your local community and business network. 

How to easily raise £1000 profit 

On average you can sell an A4 wall calendar for a minimum of £5 to £7. You can also offer discounts for multiple purchases – calendars do make great Christmas presents. 
So here is how you can make a £1000 profit in fundraising: 
Order 250 A4 calendars 
Obtain sponsorship with one £30 sponsor per month (12 sponsor in total) 
Order before our July 31st deadline to get a 20% discount on your order 
Sell each calendar for £5 
You make £1000 profit 


You can easily increase your profits by asking local businesses to sponsor your calendar. This is a cost effective and easy buy in for a business and most will be happy to pay £30 to £50 to sponsor one month. 
There is space at the bottom of each calendar page to include a minimum of 1 business advert. In some designs you may be able to offer 2 on a page. 
The business benefits by getting inexpensive advertising and helping to support and promote a good cause and you get valued contribution towards your production and printing costs. If you gain just one sponsor per page paying £50 that is £600 towards your costs already. 
That means that if you find your sponsors you may find you are already in profit before you have even sold a single calendar. 
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